I need slime!

Feed Me Faster feed this fatty


this Headz

Pinkmask Burglar
by Matt Furie
brooklyn messeng

Mint one of our FatFurry NFTs for a chance to win a Matt Furie NFT!

We curate collect and find the craziest art on the blockchain! We are big fans of Matt Furie so expect lots of free Hedz! We give away 1% of daily transactions in our FATTY telegram group (link) visit us, post your original artwork and win! It's easy being a FATFUR! We give away 1 rare NFT a week from HOT artists. All you have to do is purchase one of our curated NFT's from cool FURRYS frens.

supporting artists through the blockchain

Project Info

Fat Furry



Token supply 1 Quadrillion
Taxes 4/4
3% to NFT funding, and exchange funds and marketing
1% artist fund
2% Max Wallet


Road Map

  • Stealth launch
  • Lock LP for 30 days
  • Relock LP for 2 months every 100k
  • Lock for 99 years at 1 million
  • CMC listing
  • First CEX
  • Daily giveaway to artist fund
  • Weekly Rare NFT giveaway